Field test


Fresh off the Thompson Rapids. These two paddles performed well.

Ash, Cherry, Oak.

The epoxy tip on this paddle performed well on day 1, day 2 and 3.


This laminated shaft paddle was wonderful to work with going down C1-C4 moving water.

John's passion for wood and his connection with nature is something special.  You'll know what I mean when you experience the quality of the product and the attention to detail.  I recently gifted a gorgeous Otter Tail Paddle to a close friend for her 40th and it brought her to tears.  I also gifted a Sous Chef to my sister when she moved into her new house - The Perfect gift. If you are looking for something truly meaningful for either for yourself or a loved one; I would highly recommend getting into the Grain - Worth every cent.

Peter T.

Glue up!


Air drying behind the shop