Paddle sizing

There are many different ways to size a canoe paddle. Some paddle styles are sized differently than others. For example a white water paddle sizing is different than a deep water paddle. The method listed below will get you sized correctly. A note on sizing before you buy: This is a general way to get sized. Some paddlers end up liking a slightly shorter or longer paddle. Over the years you will find your preference. 

Beavertail and Ottertail paddles.

Sit tall in a flat chair. Measure from your bum to your nose and add 2". This measurement will be the ideal shaft length. This should be between 25-36" for a 5"11 person. This measurement plus the noted length of the blade will give you a full paddle size.

Example: Sean Paul takes his sitting measurement and comes up with 31". Sean Paul is buying an Ottertail which has a blade length of 28.5" (31+28.5 =59.5) The nearest paddle size is a 60" so Sean Paul buys the 60" and paddles off into the sunset. 


Moving Water Paddles. 

Use the same method above but add 4-6" instead of 2".